Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holidays YAY!!

The holidays is so exciting because Christmas is coming up and allot of presents are on its way YAY!!!. Im going to miss my intermediate years at St Pius X Catholic School. The person that I am going to miss the most is Dawn Esekielu, she was the coolest friend I have ever had. I am also going to miss Zheiyna Ruta my little buddy. Now I am moving to college, moving to collage is a big step for me. I am afraid to go to collage but excited at the same time. This is to all the year eights of 2014: you should learn as much as you can because by the time you reach collage you will be able to reach your standard. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thursday, November 14, 2013

St Cecilia

This is my presentation about St Cecilia. I chose St Cecilia because she is the patron saint of music and I love music just as much as she does. I hope you will enjoy my presentation.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Testing Week

This week was very busy with testing.  I am so proud of myself because I have reach my expected level. I am feeling very confident for my results that I am getting next week. My goal was to reach National standards at the end of 2013 as it is my last year at St Pius X Catholic School 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Food In United Kingdom

This is some information about the food in United Kingdom

Tan Gram

In the past few days Room 7 has being making different figures with different shapes this is some of the figures I have done.

The Letter S -                                              

                    A Triangle -

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cross Crountry

Getting ready for the biggest sport event which I wished I never came school.Tying my shoelaces getting ready to run off. “On your mark, get set...GO” when I heard go I started to jog down the hill. Romano was leading the cross country. I started to run out of breath so I started to walk  until I caught my breath back, Julia and Maxine started to walk beside me so when we caught our breath we will all jog. “ Come on girls keep running” as the St Mary girls were cheering us on, as we were running Maxine was way ahead of me and Julia.

Julia and I stopped because we were going to pass a dog house, when we passed the dog house we started to jog. When we were almost to school noticed that we were doing 2 laps of the cross country then that was when I wanted to die. “ Julia we need to do one more lap” we were so happy.

Suddenly I saw Leone standing with Mr. Coakley “ Sir why isn't Leone running that ain't fair” I said. As we were running we went past the St Mary girls they were encouraging us to keep running so we did, when we were running we stopped because we were running out of breath.

Then when we caught our breath so we started to run, we ran around the no exit then we saw Mafu. When we went past Mafu we saw a girl name Desiree from St Mary’s College she was telling Julia and I that we are almost there so we started to sprint to school but Julia stop and I kept running. “ Run Genevieve” Julia said “ I will come”, as I ran I saw Mrs. William so I ran straight to to tell that I came third. When I told her I ran to the courts and I saw my friends there they were congratulating me for coming third place.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Description about my mum

My mum has nice blackish and kind of brownish hair which makes her stand out and her way of dressing up is very fashionable.  My mum has nice dark brown coloured eyes. She has this nice shiny flat shoes which she loves to wear to different places.  She is almost the same height as my me.
My mum has a wonderful personality.  My mum is strong, smart and also beautiful.  She would always say family is first before anything else.  My mum has different kinds of skills she shows leadership to us kids, she is very artistic and creative in many different ways.  My Mum is the one who inspires me to become something and have a good career.  My mum is more than my mum she is also my best friend.

My mum is one of my netball coaches.   she is very helpful she teaches us different technique.  My mum always says “ Genevieve remember play as a team and play with a good attitude”.  My mum is a cheerful person she is also a supportive lady.