Monday, September 26, 2011

You are special

There were people called wemmicks, they were carved by a man named Eli. All the wemmicks do the same thing every single day, they would just stick grey stickers or stars on each other. The people who had talent got golden stars but the people who were small and had no talent had grey dots. Punchinello was one of them but he tried his best just to get a star. He tried jumping so high but every time he fell back down. He fell and landed so hard he got scratches on his back.
One day Punchinello met a wemmick that he'd never seen in town. She had no grey stickers or stars it is because every time someone tries to put a sticker on her it will just fall off but nobody knew why they fell off. Punchinello asked her why didn’t she have any stickers on her but she said “Why are you asking?” "It’s just because people always stick stickers on me because I have no talent and people just stick dots on me for no reason". Lucia said “oh just go and see Eli he’s in his house just up the hill. He will be there, he really wants to see you and plus he’s the one who made us wemmick's, okay bye now” As Lucia skipped along Punchinello said “Are you sure he wants to see me?” but Lucia didn’t hear.
The next day Punchinello didn’t even go outside so he waited until everyone was inside and when the moon was up Punchinello went to see Eli. He was very scared to see Eli because he’s never seen him before. Later on when he got to Eli's house he opened the door. Eli’s table was to big and Punchinello was so small he couldn't see Eli so he turned to leave but he heard a voice say “Punchinello is that you? Come here”. When Punchinello turned around he saw Eli, Eli picked him up and sat him down on one of his pieces of wood. Eli said “It looks like people don’t really like you, tell me why Son” Punchinello said “ It’s because I have no talent and some people just stick it on me for no reason.” Eli told Puncinello “Punchinello no matter what anyone thinks about you I am the one who made you so just think how much I love you that is the most important thing”. Puncinello replied “Okay” and when Punchinello was leaving he was happy and did think how much Eli loved him and when he walked out and was waving goodbye to Eli he never noticed that one grey sticker fell off.