Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Description about my mum

My mum has nice blackish and kind of brownish hair which makes her stand out and her way of dressing up is very fashionable.  My mum has nice dark brown coloured eyes. She has this nice shiny flat shoes which she loves to wear to different places.  She is almost the same height as my me.
My mum has a wonderful personality.  My mum is strong, smart and also beautiful.  She would always say family is first before anything else.  My mum has different kinds of skills she shows leadership to us kids, she is very artistic and creative in many different ways.  My Mum is the one who inspires me to become something and have a good career.  My mum is more than my mum she is also my best friend.

My mum is one of my netball coaches.   she is very helpful she teaches us different technique.  My mum always says “ Genevieve remember play as a team and play with a good attitude”.  My mum is a cheerful person she is also a supportive lady.     

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