Thursday, March 21, 2013

Triathlon Experience

I had the best experience in the last two days. Room 7 had Triathlon for the first time. We had bike riding and running. Triathlon has three main sports Swimming, Bike riding and Running. I think running was the hardest because we had to slide in the water then hop on a bike then run. We cheering on the people who were coming last.  

Athletics Day

On a beautiful Friday morning I was excited to get ready for athletics especially the little kids. When the bell rang for morning tea I quickly got change into green because my house colour was dressing up in green. There were four teams Geckos, Tuis, Keas and Kiwis. Sione Dale and I were the Leaders for Geckos.

“Geckos you may go to the Field” said Miss G on the loudspeaker, Sione Dale took the boys in a straight line and I followed behind with the Girls. I was very scared to compete with other students. The event I like was the Bean bag with Mrs Deeney because I wasn't about winning it was about having sportsmanship. The next event was running, when Miss G called up the 12 year old girls I started to get butterflies in my stomach.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” when he said go I ran as fast as I could Catherine was coming first I came second and Maxine came third. I was so happy that I came Second.

Soul Friends Mass

On Friday morning St Pius X had to go to our Soul friends Mass, Julia did the introduction with her Soul friend Motu. Catherine, Julia and I were the Musicians for the Mass. I was so scared to start the Mass because we didn’t know the order of the songs.  During the Mass Sione Dale and his Soul friend Mikaela went up to tell everyone what a Soul friend is. When they finished we all made a promise to our Soul Friends. My Soul Friends name is Pio he is a very big boy. When it was communion I laid my guitar and went up with my soul friend. The mass was held on the Feast day of St Patrick. Everyone wore a shamrock on their shirt.