Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Experience

 Bounce, dribble, bounce, dribble goes the ball “ Come on Ofa” I shouted I grabbed the ball and ran as fast as I could “Pass the ball to Rolland”. “Can you bring your team up to this cone please” asked Coach Bruce but all the leaders in front went but the team didn’t follow so then Coach Bruce turned around and said “Come on” then the whole teamed followed.

When we lined up he gave us 1 different coloured cone for each team my team got a colour white then coach Bruce said “ whatever team finishes first sit down”,Guess who won? my team. the last round we had to change coloured cones, we got green but when the round finished my group still won.

Suddenly Coach Wayne change the game into run around  half court and shoot the ball into the hoop but some kids went far from the hoop and tried to get a hop from there but they could not get it in, but then the time ran out and that was the end of basketball but before we left we said “ Thank you to coach Bruce and Wayne”,
then we left so happy everyone could not wait for the next session of basketball.

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