Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

On a beautiful Friday morning I was excited to get ready for athletics especially the little kids. When the bell rang for morning tea I quickly got change into green because my house colour was dressing up in green. There were four teams Geckos, Tuis, Keas and Kiwis. Sione Dale and I were the Leaders for Geckos.

“Geckos you may go to the Field” said Miss G on the loudspeaker, Sione Dale took the boys in a straight line and I followed behind with the Girls. I was very scared to compete with other students. The event I like was the Bean bag with Mrs Deeney because I wasn't about winning it was about having sportsmanship. The next event was running, when Miss G called up the 12 year old girls I started to get butterflies in my stomach.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” when he said go I ran as fast as I could Catherine was coming first I came second and Maxine came third. I was so happy that I came Second.

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