Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood Brothers Show

Year 8’s leaving to retreat “Bye Guys Bye” I said loudly “ Bye Nela” said Catherine from behind. “Okay my mum and my dad is going to drop some of us off to selwyn to see the blood brothers live, but my dad is not going to stay for the show but he will be back when the show is finished, but my mum is going to stay with us to watch the show “said Miss Gleason.

Let’s go we hopped into the car then the engine started to rumble, me, Sione-Dale, Catherine and isaiah we all went in Mrs. Gleason car. when we got there a lady took us to the office just to wait for a few minutes then we went and waited were the teachers have there lunch there was even like a little cafe or something.

Suddenly this lady came and told us that the show is ready every single one of us was excited there was even live music.
There was a man which I thought that he should be on a horror movie. The movie was about a lady giving one of babies away but she regretted what she has done then at the end the real mother told them that they were real brothers but one of her son got married a girl named linda then the other brother still liked linda but then they both died at the end.

I had allot of fun and hungry so when we got to school we started to eat then go and play then the school bell rang for us to go home.

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