Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tennis experience

!!!HOORAY!!! Room 7 was first to play tennis. We raced to the tennis court. We saw a man standing there. He introduced himself, and his name was Marcel our instructor. Marcel asked us girls to get a tennis racket and a ball I rushed and grab a racket and ball then ran to the other side of the net, after all of us girls got our racket and ball. Then Marcel told the boys to grab a racket and ball the boys run like crazy they stood in front of us girls on the other side. We started by how to hold the tennis racket Marcel told us to hold the tennis racket the a frying pan we were practicing how to balance the ball and hit the ball with our racket.

Marcel told all of Room 7 to line up in a straight line. Marcel told us to pair up with a partner, my partner was Ofa. Marcel asked all of us if we all had a partner but Jordan didn’t so he had to partner with our teacher Mrs. Tui. Marcel told one side to drop their racket down but hold on to the ball and move up, then he told the people on the other side to move back and drop their ball so one person throws and the other hits the ball then we catch it.

Marcel blowed his whistle and that meant that we had to stop and then he said “ okay these boys are the king of the court, okay everyone please put all your racket back and also your ball” Everyone said “ohhhh” then everyone went to the side of the court to put their racket and their tennis ball back into it’s box. I said to myself man that was so fun I can not wait for the next lesson.

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